SIA: 6" Velvet Air (Polishing) Disc

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SIA: 6" Velvet Air (Polishing) Disc

New 6"Air Velvet Discs. This premium product is designed for wet sanding of surfboards, the Velvet Range can achieve a gloss shine from a filler (hot coat). The discs are foam padded with a superior abrasive that out lasts traditional abrasives. The Air Velvet Discs are used with water to give the finest possible finish with glassers generally getting around 8 - 10 surfboards per disc. Available in 6" Velcro with grits from 360# through to 2000#. Achieve a polish finish from the Velvet Air Discs range.

Recommended for use on 6" Soft Velcro Pad or simply by hand (see Velcro Hand Pad).

The SIA Air Technology:

  • Long lasting life
  • Low scratch depth
  • Foam core equalises application pressure
  • Waterproof and washable
  • Minimum clogging when sanding dry
  • Absorbs water
  • Resistant to silicon remover


Fast and Easy
With the SIAFast Hook and Loop fastening system (Patient Velcro System), the abrasives can easily be placed on the backing pad or on the hand-sander pad/block.

Cost Saving

The abrasives can be re-used several times, without risking and damages to the surfaces.

The well provenSIAFast Hook and Loop fastening system (Patient Velcro System) is re-applicable numerous times even in moist conidtions.