Rapid Cure: Epoxy Repair Pack

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Rapid Cure: Epoxy Repair Pack

Shapers 5min Rapid Cure Epoxy Repair Kit

The Rapid Curve Resin is a 1:1 Ratio Mix. Designed to repairs small fractures, dings, cracks, fin plugs and small lamination repairs with fibreglass (great for repairing Firewaires, Tuff-lite and any other style or epoxy crafts).

Curving Times: at 25˚C Rapid Cure will gel in 4mins once mixed. A working cure can be reached in 10-30mins. A full cure is reach in 1hr.

Also great for installing SUP Handles

Please Note: The Rapid Cure will stay a off yellow colour once cured.

Quick Guide for basic repairs:

  1. Remove all foreign materials from the repair area (moisture, loose particles and dirt).
  2. Rough sand the surrounding area to allow resin a secure bond (fibreglass, paint and resin areas to a matt finish).
  3. Combine equal amount of resins & mix thoroughly and then apply to the repair section. Make sure to work out any air bubbles and form the resin to the repair.
  4. Make sure resin has completely hardened, then sand to a desired finished.