Kinetix 104 Epoxy Laminating: Kit

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Kinetix 104 Epoxy Laminating: Kit

Kinetix R104: Surfboard Laminating Epoxy System – Ultra Clear

Most suitable for coloured spray foam surfboards or TIMBER Boards 

MIX RATIO: 1 part hardener to 2 parts resin by volume

43 parts hardener to 100 parts resin by weight. The Kinetix R104 is sold as resin only and hardener is required, you will require 2L of Hardener to match the 4L of Resin.

Click here to veiw to the Kinetix Epoxy Hardeners, please note both 130 Hardener and 125 Hardener are compatible with 110 Resin and 104 Resin.

Through comprehensive research and development, the Kinetix R104 is specifically formulated for surfboard and surf craft laminations and therefore offers many unique benefits for production. 

Kinetix R104 - Key Product Benefits:

  • Excellent Clarity
  • Rapid Fibre Wet-Out
  • Superior UV Stability
  • Low Odor
  • Room-temperature cure
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Formulated to work bond with a Polyester Filler 
  • Ultra clear new formula 
  • Excellent resistance to yellowing ensure a lighter, stronger, more durable board
  • Rapid room-temperature cure for surfboard lamination and cures to a clear, bloom free finish
  • Perfect for production laminating and sandwich vacuum techniques 

With excellent adhesion to Polyester or Polyurethane top coats, high level clarity and superior resistance to yellowing, Kinetix R104 is the key Epoxy System for clear, light weight and strong surfboards that look 1st class!

KINETIX R104 is a solvent free, liquid epoxy resin specifically formulated for use with H125 hardener to provide a rapid room temperature cure for surfboard lamination. The system cures to a clear, bloom-free finish that has excellent adhesion to polyester or polyurethane topcoats.

Superior toughness, and resistance to yellowing, provides extended longevity with normal use. 

When applying additional epoxy coats, or coating with polyester resin or polyurethane topcoats, the cured epoxy should be wet abraded with sandpaper or a scotchbrite pad, to ensure good intercoat adhesion. Allow drying before overcoating.  

Designed to be used with either Kinetix 130H (Fast Hardener) or 125H (Standard Hardener), the Kinetix R110 is sold as resin only and hardener is required.

The Superior Strength of the Kinetix Surfboard Epoxy System is constructed to extend the longevity of use and match the need for longer lasting boards as the standard of surfing increases. The R104 offers superior strength to conventional epoxy systems on the market, allowing manufactures to sell their boards with confidence.


  • Ultra White
  • Mixes and blends with Rein Tints and Pigments
  • Rapid Room Temperature Cure
  • Bloom-Free Finish
  • Excellent Adhesion to Polyester Filler Coats
  • Solvent Free
  • Slower curing time then the R110
  • Quick manufacturing time when used with polyester construction  

The 110 Resin is a solvent free, liquid epoxy resin specifically formulated for use with 130H and 125H hardeners to provide a rapid room temperature cure for surfboard lamination.

With a choice of two hardener speeds, fabricators have a choice of flip speeds – the H130 Fast can be flipped within 3 hours and sanded within 5 hours @ 25oC *, which is approximately half the turnaround time of the H125 Standard hardener.

*speed of both systems will be dependent on ambient temperature.


When applying additional epoxy coats, or coating with polyester resin or polyurethane topcoats, the cured epoxy should be rinsed with clean water first, and then wet abraded with sandpaper or a scotch- brite pad*, to ensure good inter-coat adhesion.

Allow to dry before over coating.


Kinetix 110X resin and H125 and H130 hardeners will keep for 2 years if kept in original containers at room temperature (15OC to 32OC), and out of direct sunlight. Containers should be tightly sealed to prevent moisture absorption.


Kinetix 110X resin and H125 and H130 hardeners have moderate sensitising potential, and should be kept out of the eyes and off the skin.

• Use with good ventilation and adequate safety equipment including impervious gloves and safety glasses.

• If skin contact occurs, remove contaminated clothing immediately, and wash the affected area thoroughly with ATL’s 845 hand cleaner and water, avoiding the use of solvents except in the case of massive contamination.

• If eye contact occurs, immediately flush with running water for at least fifteen (15) minutes and seek medical advice.

• If swallowed:
Resins - DO NOT induce vomiting, and contact a doctor or the Poisons Information Centre.
Hardeners - DO NOT induce vomiting, give plenty of milk or water and contact a doctor or the Poisons Information Centre.