Hex Cell Fusion 25" Innegra/Innegra

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Hex Cell Fusion 25" Innegra/Innegra

Hex Cell Fusion Colth is 30" Wide.
White/White | White background with White Hexagon shape

The Hex Cell Fusion Cloth is purpose design to enhance the performance and construction of surfboards. This constructions uses the benefits of Innegra, Hexagon Cell layup with a combination 2x2 twill.


  • Due weave: This uniforms strength at all directions the cloth is placed under-pressure and allows for easy of applicability around curved areas when wetting out.
  • Innegra provides highest impact to weight ratio possible in fabrics
  • UV Stabile
  • Positive load and responsive flex pattern
  • Hex Cell layup allows the cloth to forcibly bend on one axis and reacts with pop effect.

Please note: The Innegra Cloth does not wet out clear like Shapers E Glass Cloth, the Innegra stays white.