Epoxy Glassing 101

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Epoxy Glassing 101

Epoxy expert Greg Loehr teaches how to laminate using  Epoxy Resin and Hardener quickly and efficiently in Epoxy Glassing 101.

This 2 hour program walks the viewer step by step
through glassing using Greg’s Resin Research.net Epoxy Systems to make professional quality surfboards.

Learn Greg’s tricks to save time and work safely with
Epoxy Resin. He first glasses a Rocket Fish with color,
and box fins. Greg teaches everything you need to know about Laminating, Hot Coating and Sanding.

Next Greg Loehr  glasses a 6’2” clear board with glass on fins. All the steps are clearly shown and explained.

Expect to be taught by one of the innovators of the
Epoxy technology. This program is solid instruction and
is the perfect match to Epoxy 101 Volume One Shaping.

120 minutes