Core Lite: AM2 Box Thruster

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Core Lite: AM2 Box Thruster


The AM2 is a collaboration between world renowned Surfboard Shaper Al Merrick (Channel Island surfboards) and the specialist fin company, Shapers Fins. The AM2 is designed for fast, high performance surfing through a unique blend of speed, drive and release. The raked template and wide fin base effectively delivers drive and control, whilst the fins refined tip and smaller centre fin reduce drag and allow for quick fin release when desired. 

Compatible with Box Fin System

Compatible with Futures Fin Systems


Orange Resin Tint

Side Fins
Side Base: 118mm | 4.64"
Side Depth: 120mm | 4.73"
Side Sweep: 36.3 degrees
Side Foil: Flat
Box Fin
Rear Base: 116mm / 4.60”
Rear Depth: 114mm | 4.49"
Rear Sweep: 37 degrees
Rear Foil: 50/50