Shapers Transparent Layout Square: Fin Placements

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Shapers Transparent Layout Square: Fin Placements

Shapers Layout Square with fin mark cut outs

  • Clear Polycarbonate 'transparent' sheet which sits flat on surfboard blank
  • Giving accurate centre-finding measurements from stringer to rail
  • Measure Nose, tail and Midpoint exactly with the printed measurements on the square
  • Quick layout for Fin Positioning
  • Also used for tail measurements and fin settings.

The fin marks and cut outs:

The Shapers Square ensures quick and accurate surfboard design measurements. Use the top of the Shapers Square for inches and the bottom for millimetres.

Surfboard Design Measurements:

Surfboard’s Tail and Nose: Measure the surfboards wide points 12" from the tip of the nose and 12” from the tip of the tail. The Shapers Square is 12” in height. Place the bottom edge of the Shapers Square at the tip of the blank, line up the centre line of the square with the stringer and make the 12” width measurements for both the tail and nose.

Surfboard’s Width:

Line up the Shapers Square Centre Line with the blanks stringer (ensure the entire centre line is aligned over the stringer). Keeping in line with the stringer, slide the square up and down the blank to mark out your surfboard design width’s.

Surfboard’s Fin Tow Angle Markings (Steps A - D):

A Measure and mark, on the stringer, the distance up from the tail that the ns will be set at. Move the Shapers Square up to the level A line.

B align the Shapers Squares vertical B lines with the stringer in order to keep the measurements true. This will allow the Shapers Square to remain level while moving the square out towards the rail to mark your ns placements.

C Slide the Shapers Square right or left keeping A on the measure mark and B parallel to the stringer. Mark a dot at the 0” cut-out hole, at the distance you want from the rail to the trailing edge of the fin (known as the “Shapers Dot”).

D Use the 4” or 4.5” cut-out (depending on the base length of your fin) to mark the front tow angle of the fin.