Shapers S-Plug Fin Plug: Packs

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Shapers S-Plug Fin Plug: Packs

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 Feature & Benefits:

• The S-Plug’s larger segmented top prevents plugs rotating or pushing inwards.

• The flange at the base of the S-Plug prevents plugs pulling out.

• No anchoring to the deck! Thus eliminating weak areas on the deck of surfboards.

• Pre-Glass and Post Glass installation designs. Super quick, easy and accurate!

• Ultra light installed weight

• Suitable for all Epoxy and Polyester Boards. Also suitable for larger fins (twins etc).

• Cant angle set at 7 degrees for installation ease and accuracy.

• Elongated Slot allows up to 5mm Adjustability for fine-tuning performance!

• Compatibility with existing aftermarket fins worldwide.

• Comprehensive range of performance Shapers Fins available.

• S-Composite material (superior tensile and impact strength; highly durable; exceptional chemical bond to resins; excellent UV stability; Easy to Sand; Ultra-light).

• Plugs unlike fin boxes allow natural and consistent flex throughout the tail of the surfboard

• Easy to install: purchase Shapers hole Cutter, Router jig or use a holesaw or router

• Patent Pending System


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    Pretty damn good

    Posted by Derek on 11th Feb 2016

    What can I say, these are the goods. Much nicer to install than the traditional FCS where you have to drill right through and anchor to the deck. ... with these S-Plugs you install post-hot coat.

    You can either drill 2 holes, a small (30-32mm) and a large (42-44mm) ... but the guys at Shapers say dont bother stuffing around, just drill one large hole. Fill it with mix of q-cell/microspheres and resin. I drilled 2 holes cos i like to overengineer things.

    The q-cell I used (from surfblanks australia) made the mixture come out a really nice white, without needing to add any pigment. Makes a great contrast with the black or dark grey plugs.

    Sands ok.

    Seems strong - i busted a fin already, snapped at the tabs as it should, and the fin plug is fine, no cracks or anything.