Shapers Barrel Complete with Makita KPO800K Planer

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Shapers Barrel Complete with Makita KPO800K Planer

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Shapers Barrel Complete with Makita KPO800K Planer

Purchase direct from the Designers of The Shapers Barrels - Shapers Australia.

Used and endorsed by the Worlds leading Shapers, The Shapers Barrel® is a must for any Shaper. Superior to planer blades in that it does not chop or splinter the foam, rather it sands through the foam leaving a smoother finish. Coated in a unique and patented Tungsten Carbide “Super-Grit®” which sands through the foam rather then chopping. The Shapers Barrel® also allows the shaper to cross-cut stringers without splintering.

In summary, the Shapers Barrel
® is substantially more efficient in reducing foam whilst generating far less noise then planer blades. A big advantage is the real labor time saved in cleaning up the foam. The Shapers Barrel® is a registered product of Shapers Australia.

Please note that whilst other companies have attempted to copy the Shapers Barrel their engineering and quality of product has been substandard. 

All of our Shapers Barrels® are now professionally balanced using the latest equipment to ensure they are perfectly weighted and deliver superior performance.

Please note: All Planers are 240 Volts. This is standard for Australia.