Seal Skin (Gloss Shine) - 1L

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Seal Skin (Gloss Shine) - 1L

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Shapers Seal Skin is a unique product that gives surfboards a professional long lasting shine and significant UV surface protection.

Easily applied by hand or buffed by machine. Shapers Seal Skin is water based, non-toxic and biodegradable product that is safer for the user and the environment than other products currently on the market.

When applied, the pores of the surface area become sealed; therefore stains and dirt do not adhere. The surface friction is greatly reduced, minimizing water drag and therefore increasing the board’s speed and in turn enhancing overall performance.

Key Benefits of Shapers Seal Skin

  • Adds a more professional, shiny finish
  • Also adds a shine on a dull or oxidized fiberglass-removing the oxidization and providing a shine in one application. Great for finishing gloss coat repairs
  • Prevents surfboards from going yellow and the fiberglass from cracking and grazing due to the effects of the sun. Over a 6 month period, effects form UV are reduced by over 50%.
  • Stops bright colour and logos fading
  • Protects against stains and dirt
  • Increases speed and enhances performance
  • Ideal for light weight competition boards as it will not add on any additional weight
  • Adds longer life to new and used surfboards

General Information and Application Instructions


Shapers Seal Skin is made from a unique blend of active biodegradable chemicals, which remain active on the surface; therefore the treatment will never chip, crack, peel or discolour.

Shapers Seal Skin is very easy to use. Note: apply after the Surfboard has been finished to a minimum of 400# wet and dry. Simply apply Shapers Seal Skin to a Chux Cloth (as provided). Completely dampen the cloth and then wring out ensuring no excess/dripping. Apply in straight lengths to each side making sure that there is an even film covering the whole board. Once dry apply a second coat, followed by a single coat every 3-6 months. If buffing leave for a period of 48 hours and then use a cream polishing to bring up the shine.

Shapers Seal Skin finishes as well as using a finish coat resin. In addition it is a water-based product that contains no silicone and is therefore easily removed using a quality degreaser.