Kinetix 104 Epoxy Repair Kit

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Kinetix 104 Epoxy Repair Kit

Shapers Epoxy Repair Kit has everything you need to perform ding repairs at home.

The kit includes:

  • 200mls Kinetix 104 resin
  • 100mls Kinetix 125 hardener (Slow)
  • Filler Powder
  • 2 x measuring cups
  • 2 x mixing containers 
  • gloves
  • sandpaper
  • Sanding blocks
  • squeeegees

Epoxy Repair Instructions - A guide only 

1. Preparation:

The ding area to be repaired needs to be completely dry and clean. All loose particles, jagged fibreglass, dirt and wax must be removed before repairing.

Using the coarse grit sandpaper with the sanding block, sand down the particles (damaged fibreglass or foam) that needs to be removed and blend the ding into the rest of the board. If the ding is less then 20mm in depth, then refer to step 4, “Fibreglassing the Ding” section (please note it is recommended to sand out 3mm of ding and blend the ding into the rest of the area as preparation before step 4). 

2. Mixing Epoxy & Filler Powder:

The Kinetix Epoxy kit is a 2:1 part ratio (1 part hardener to 2 part resin). When mixed together they create a chemical heat reaction that accelerates the catalysing process. Please note that environmental conditions create different cure times. The 2:1 mix must always be adhered to, however prepare for faster reaction times in warm climatic conditions by mixing smaller quantities. Reversely, cool and/or damp conditions will slow the reaction time and take longer to cure.

After mixing the resin and hardener, slowly add the filler powder. Keep adding the powder until you reach a toothpaste type consistency. Ensure the Filler Powder is completely mixed through prior to filling the ding. 

3. Filling the Ding:

When filling a ding that is greater then 20mm with Epoxy and Filler Powder, it is a good practice to repair the ding in two stages. This will reduce the heat created during the curing stage and avoid the foam from melting.

It is recommended to tape the area to be repaired, thus creating a dam to contain the mixture from spreading over the board. Then pour little amounts of the mixture at a time, this will help reduce air bubbles being formed and also fill in any voids that are created. Make sure the mixture is slightly higher than the board to ensure the ding is completely filled and covered.

Once the ding is filled and checked for air bubbles and voids, leave it to cure. When the mixture has cured, use coarse sandpaper with sanding block and sand the repair. Sand the mixture smooth and slightly lower then the surrounding fibreglass and feather the repair into the board. 

4. Fibreglassing the Ding:

Cut the desired shape of fibreglass and make sure it covers the repair and extends onto the sanded part of the board. Please note, circular fibreglass shapes blend easier making it better for repairs.

Apply a thin layer of resin (2:1 part ratio with no filler) over the repair and slowly add the fibreglass smoothly over the repair, then slowly saturate the fibreglass until the cloth becomes completely clear. If a second layer of fibreglass is required then repeat the process. It is important to use the squeegee to pull out any excess resin or air bubbles. Extra layers of fibreglass will fill up the dinged area, increase strength and ensure that it will not lose its integrity when sand- ed. Now leave the resin to cure.

Once the saturated fibreglass is cured, brush a filler layer of resin (2:1 part ratio with no filler) and let it completely cure. Curing can take 2 to 4 hours depending on weather and accuracy of mixing. 

5. Sanding the Ding:

Place a coarse piece of sandpaper onto the sanding block and remove any bubbles or jagged fibreglass pieces and shape the repair. Then place the lighter grade sandpaper on the sanding block and sand the repair until smooth and well blended into the board. If desired use 500-1000 grit wet/dry paper to create a smooth and shiny feel. 

Well done. The board is now waterproofed and ready to surf!

Safety and First Aid:

Please remember to always take care and apply safety measures when using these products. We suggest the use of protective gloves, masks and eyewear when working and handling these products. Please refer to the label on the epoxy resin and hardener for safety measures and first aid information. 

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  • 5
    Good repair kit

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Apr 2016

    Used the Kinetix epoxy repair kit on my haydenshapes board worked very well cures completely clear though you must make sure your ratio of resin to hardener are correct.